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What’s In My Diffuser

Every night, I fill my diffuser full of the recommended amount of water and fill it with oils to support a restful evening and provide respiratory support.

Tonight, my diffuser is filled with the following:

  • Vetiver: has an earthy and grounding aroma. This can be diffused to promote a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Vetiver can also be applied topically to promote calm and relaxation.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata: has a sweet and fruity aroma. This can be used in massage after activity. When diffused it helps to create a stimulating and rejuvenating environment. Eucalyptus Radiata can also be added to your favorite home cleansing product and is an ingredient in Young Living’s RC, Breathe Again, Thieves and Inner Defense.
  • Citrus Fresh: has a clean, fresh scent when diffused. Can be worn as a perfume for a refreshing and inspiring aroma throughout the day. Can be applied topically to beautify the skin and maintain the appearance of healthy, toned skin.
  • Release: Has a rich, invigorating aroma. When diffused, it helps to create a relaxing and calm environment. Can be applied topically to promote an uplifting and calming aroma throughout the day.

On nights when I am not super contentious about preparing and turning on the diffuser, I can tell a drastic difference in how relaxed and prepared and ready for bed that I feel. I love that the aroma of this blend of oils is perfect to relax my continuously spinning mind and promote a calming and relaxing atmosphere in which to sleep.

So, what’s in your diffuser tonight?